Directors & Advisors

Our board of directors and medical advisory board are an integral part of our programs. They help us provide the best services to women and infants world-wide.


Board Chair: Jay Blumenkopf
President & Founder: Arlene Samen
Directors: Dr. Mike Draper, Janaki Welch, Meihong Xu, Greg Jacobson, Evan Kaplan, Connie Wong, Tom Broadbent, Jill Smith and Deanna Byck
Medical Advisory Board Chair: Prof. Tim De Ver Dye


Chair: Prof. Tim De Ver Dye - Anthropology/Epidemiology
Dr. Sienna Craig - Anthropology
Dr. Sibylle Kristensen - Global Maternal Health/Perinatal Epidemiology
Dr. Susan Niermeyer - Pediatrics and Neonatal Health
Dr. Beena Kamath - Pediatrics and Neonatal Health
Susan Stalls - Midwifery
Dr. Jeannette Lager - Obstetrics/Gynecology
Prof. Louis Keith - Obstetrics/Gynecology
Dr. Patti Fernandez - Health Psychology
Dr. Suellen Miller - Midwifery/Global Maternal Health