We are grateful to our partners who are an integral part of our programs

One Heart World-Wide has been selected as the “Spotlight Organization” by Jewel & Lotus, a Socially Responsible, Earth Loving, Global Community and Ethical Marketplace for the prosperity of people and planet. They have committed to donate 2.5% of all sales to One Heart. Click on the image to learn more.

Local Partners in Nepal

In Nepal, SWAN is helping us to implement our Network of Safety by providing rural women with health and education programs on maternity and thereby creating an environment for women for safe child birth and reduce maternal mortality.


Global Partners


D-Rev is a non-profit product development company whose mission is to improve the health and incomes of people living on less than $4 per day. Among D-Rev’s many innovations in healthcare delivery is the recently developed Comet, an effective, low-cost phototherapy device to treat newborn jaundice in rural, low-resource settings. D-Rev and One Heart World-Wide obtained seed funding from the USAID Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge in order to pilot test this project in Western Nepal and are now working together to implement the product’s use in order to treat newborns in the region.

Karuna Shechen

Karuna-Shechen initiates and oversees projects that provide health care, education,and social services for the under-served populations of India, Nepal, and Tibet. In 2012, Karuna-Shechen partnered with One Heart Worldwide to develop an awareness program in order to empower women to be able care for themselves in order to prevent POP. We are honored that our curriculum was recently incorporated into the Nepali government’s official health education package and will be used across the country.

Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile works to improve health in under-served communities, using mobile technology. One Heart World-Wide is one of more than 30 organizations that Medic Mobile has now helped to improve health services and delivery through improved communication and data collection. One Heart World-Wide and Medic Mobile have been working together to pilot a SMS-supported maternal and newborn health program in both the Dolpa and Baglung districts of Nepal. The SMS system allows Female Community Health Volunteers to receive important health messages and reminders regarding the women they track in their communities, as well as send data back to the OHW team on services provided, supplies or medications distributed, danger signs detected, and an array of other key data points that need to be collected.