Based on over ten years of experience in Tibet, One Heart Worldwide has established an effective, replicable and sustainable model to reduce preventable deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth among remote rural indigenous populations. Our model improves the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and infants that may not otherwise have access to medical or public health services due to socio-cultural barriers, limited personal resources, or remote living conditions.

Essential to our model are integration of local resources, collaboration with local communities and providers, and respect for cultural norms and practices. Simply put, we work with local communities and local health providers to develop a “Network of Safety” around mothers and infants, by raising awareness, teaching good practices, and distributing essential medical supplies to put an end to easily preventable pregnancy and delivery related deaths and ensure that mothers and infants survive pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of life.

One Heart World-Wide recognizes that in order to make a lasting impact, all of its programs must be sustainable, culturally relevant and build the capacity of local people to prevent pregnancy and childbirth related deaths not only for this generation, but for those to come.

Current Programs

Our current safe motherhood programs are focused in Nepal.

Technical Assistance

In addition to our own programs, One Heart World-Wide also provides technical assistance to other organizations.

Past Programs

One of the key characteristics of our model is its long-tern sustainability. Once fully implemented, our programs are designed to be transferred over to our local partners.

We work in places where no one else dares, but where the need is the greatest