Bhojpur is a hill district located in the northeastern part of Nepal. It is home to 172,098 people, and the total district area is 1507km². Bhojpur reports 4,500 pregnancies per year. As of the end of 2015, One Heart World-Wide has completed the set-up phase of our program, and we are poised to start implementation of our Network of Safety in 2016. Our initial assessment reports that less than 20% of all deliveries are attended by a Skilled Birth Attendant. In 2016 One Heart World-Wide will start rolling out the second phase of our Network of Safety. This phase is the most labor-intensive portion of our program. Over the next three years, we will train community outreach providers, implement a community outreach program, upgrade health facilities into birthing centers, and train Skilled Birth Attendants. In collaboration with the local District Health Department One Heart World-Wide will develop a basic health infrastructure, provide health education and foster community empowerment. Our goal over the next five years is to double the rate of deliveries with a Skilled Birth Attendant, and reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality by at least 50%.


In an effort to save precious resources, we are planning to collaborate with Save the Children to cover the district. One Heart World-Wide will establish essential new birthing centers and train Skilled Birth Attendants. Save the Children is conducting the training of the community outreach volunteers. One Heart World-Wide will provide community outreach training follow up and oversee the community outreach program. We are really excited about this new collaboration, which will allow us to reach more women at a faster rate.

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