Maya's Story: A delivery in the midst of earthquake chaos


On April 28th, one week prior to her expected delivery date and only three days after the first earthquake, twenty-year-old expectant mother Maya arrived in labor at the District Hospital serviced by One Heart World-Wide in Dhading, Nepal. Following the successful delivery of her son, One Heart World-Wide treated Maya for postpartum anemia and her newborn son who had developed a fever.

Maya and her family are especially grateful for the care they received at the hospital, as more than half of 52 health facilities in Nepal were severely damaged by the earthquakes. With this devastating loss of maternal care facilities, many women must now face childbirth without professional medical care, risking sepsis, hemorrhage, and other serious conditions. 

While great efforts have been made to restore facilities and provide basic care to these regions, there is still much work to be done so that women have a place to give birth safely, where they will be cared for by trained birthing professionals who have access to the resources essential to providing life-saving care.