Sindhupalchok is a mountain district located to the north of Kathmandu. The district covers an area of 2,542km² and is home to 289,780 people.

The district reports 7,400 pregnancies per year. Though this district is relatively close to Nepal's capital Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed districts in Nepal. The existing health care services do not meet the current needs of the population, and only 20% of all births are conducted by a Skilled Birth Attendant. In 2015 One Heart World-Wide was scheduled to start the set-up phase of our program in Sindhupalchok. These plans were affected by the recent earthquake, which demolished most of the existing infrastructure. As a result, we started our program earlier than anticipated and focused our efforts on earthquake relief activities. Over the next two years, we will continue with earthquake relief activities along with our regular program activities in order for us to be able to provide health care services to all the mothers and newborns of this district.


75% of the existing health facilities were completely destroyed and 15% had sustained partial damage after the devastating earthquake in 2015. Despite the tragic devastation, OHW was able to maintain health care services. There have been no significant decreases in these indicators post-earthquake.


So far we have:


Temporary birthing centers equipped


Birthing tents set up


Tents serving as storage units for medical equipment and shelter for SBAs set up


Community outreach providers trained


Local key stakeholders trained


Skilled Birth Attendants trained


Solar suitcases deployed


Tons of medical equipment and supplies distributed


People treated post-earthquake during 3 healthcare camps