Providing Well-Equipped Birthing Tents to Meet Post-Earthquake Needs

Indira Tamang

“The firm structure of Ree Gaun Health Post was completely destroyed during last year’s earthquake. Later we came to know that a birthing tent was deployed in our area to conduct deliveries. Knowing the fact I was still unsure about delivering my baby in this temporary tent. But my elder sister who works there advised me to deliver safely in tent rather than at home.  I personally visited and saw the total ambience of the birthing tent which looked no different than a well-equipped delivery room of health post. I was convinced and had no second thought to deliver my baby elsewhere. The delivery was normal well attended by the trained health worker. 

I came to know that One Heart World-Wide provided the tent here immediately after the earthquake. Thank you for the temporary shelter that helped every pregnant women of my village to deliver their babies safely here. Without it either we have to deliver at our home or at the open field.”

- Indira Tamang, Ree Gaun, Dhading