“What I have learned, I have put into Real Practice”

Pratina Tamang

“SBA is a course that teaches us things similar to what we learn as ANM but is more practical based. It adds more to our knowledge and increases our confidence level in work. It does not just teach about normal deliveries but also helps us to timely refer or manage other complicated cases. It also helps us to understand dangers signs and we can protect life of mother and her baby. I am also personally interested to work with mother and child, saving their lives. So, I choose to become a nurse midwife. Being an SBA is very different from non-SBA. I have able to easily find out the signs and symptoms of the complicated deliveries and have been able to counsel mothers and refer right on time. What I have learned, I have put into real practice.

I would like to share a recent complicated delivery that was managed two weeks ago. The case was a Shoulder Dystocia, which is considered as a complication. I wouldn’t able to manage such kind of complication if I had not learned the skill during my training. Local management of such kind of complications is necessary because referral hospital is more than a day’s walk. Thank you One Heart World-Wide for proving SBA training.

- Pratina Tamang, SBA, Sertung HP, Dhading