Delivering Emergency Supplies in the Wake of a Disaster

Bal Bahadur Basnet

“Last year’s earthquake severely damaged our birthing center but that didn’t affect our delivery service as One Heart World-Wide quickly responded to our emergency needs by providing the temporary birthing tents and essential delivery equipment and supplies on time. Although, we were providing the services through a temporary tent but we had to compromise with the quality most of the time. Now, with the support from One Heart World-Wide our birthing center has been beautifully repaired and renovated. Pregnant women are already feeling homely and safe being here. This has not only helped the pregnant women but also our Skilled Birth Attendants to conduct the deliveries in a hygienic environment. They have also provided delivery beds, general beds, solar light and other essential equipment required for the delivery and antenatal care. We are so fortunate to provide quality service for mothers and newborns through this new birthing center.

We local management committee has strong commitment to maintain the quality in future too. We got the chance to setup a model birthing center for the whole district. Thank You One Heart World Wide for choosing Maidi.”

- Bal Bahadur Basnet, Chair of Health Facility Management Committee, Maidi, Dhading