Empowering Local Birth Attendants to Handle Complicated Deliveries

Nirmala Kharel

“Since I was a kid, I was very much interested to become a nurse practitioner. Reason behind this could be my mother, who is a nurse herself and works in the field of family planning. I always thought saving the life of a mother and her new baby is precious thing to do which is what SBAs do. SBA is not just a course, but its special equipment of a nurse midwife that helps her to manage normal as well as complicated cases. It increases knowledge in relation to identifying complicated cases at an early stage. Before taking SBA training I used to get involved in conducting deliveries but I knew the quality of care was not of that standard. Now that I am an SBA I am more confident about what I do. It’s like I can see what has to be done. I have been able to manage post-partum hemorrhage cases, manual removal of the placenta, birth asphyxia on my own and have been able to save several lives. My sincere gratitude to One Heart World-Wide for helping nurses like me to provide most needed services to the poor and rural women. For me One Heart World-Wide is like A HEART in human, which saves entire human being. 

- Nirmala Kharel, SBA, Mahadevbesi HP, Dhading