Help us rebuild some hope in Nepal

Dear Friends,

On April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. Dozens of aftershocks followed, including a 6.7 magnitude earthquake on April 26th. Thirty-five of the seventy-five districts of Nepal have been affected in the Western and Central regions, including the Kathmandu Valley. The exact number of people affected is yet to be determined, but as of today the Government of Nepal reports over 2,200 dead and almost 6,000 injured. These numbers will most likely increase in the next few days as more reports start to come in.

The Government of Nepal has officially requested international assistance. If you would like to help, there are two ways to assist after a disaster: immediate relief and long-term recovery.
There are some amazing organizations such as the Red Cross, Direct Relief, and UNICEF who are providing immediate disaster relief by providing supplies (food, tents, blankets, and medicines) and medical care, as well as conduct search and rescue operations. We encourage all of you to support these efforts.
Long-term recovery is as essential as the immediate response. The earthquake has destroyed much of Nepal’s infrastructure and a lot of work will be required to rebuild it. This is where you can help One Heart World-Wide make a difference.

Among the districts most affected by the earthquake are two of One Heart World-Wide’s program areas, Dhading and Sindhupalchok. We have received reports that 75% of the health facilities in Dhading have been destroyed and over 90% sustained heavy damages. We have not yet received reports on the extent of the damages in Sindhupalchok. We also have not had any official confirmation on the situation in our three other program areas (Baglung, Dolpo and Bhojpur) but we know there were damages to some of the health facilities that we had previously upgraded.
This is a major issue, as health care will not available for any of the inhabitants of the affected areas, and pregnant women will not have a safe place to give birth anymore. This is likely to result in additional deaths, both among the very vulnerable pregnant women and their newborns, but also in the general population.

One Heart World-Wide can help! We usually upgrade existing health facilities into functioning birthing centers. We will now have to rebuild all of the destroyed health facilities in our program areas. We are asking your support to do so. We have set up an Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund donation option on our donations page. 100% of the funds collected will go to the reconstruction of the destroyed health facilities that provide care to pregnant women and their newborns in our program areas. This will not only allow pregnant women and newborn babies to have access to essential care for a safe delivery, but also allow the general populations to have access to essential health care services (as most of these facilities provide care to the general population as well as to obstetric patients).
Thank you, your donation will make a tremendous difference for the people that were affected by this terrible tragedy.
In gratitude,

Arlene Samen, Founder and President, One Heart World-Wide

The 2015 Gala

Join One Heart World-Wide to celebrate mothers!

Please join us at the Hotel Le Méridien Delfina in Santa Monica on Saturday, May 2nd for an evening in celebration of mothers everywhere! We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Grateful Heart Gala will be hosted by model/actress Stacy Keibler and expert pediatrician Jay Gordon!

The evening’s festivities will include a delectable dinner, free-flowing libations, live music from Broadway star Kathy Deitch, a World-Wide Bazaar with local and exotic treasures, and a live auction chock-full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and items. You just might find the perfect gift for the mom(s) in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day! Keep in touch by joining our event page  on Facebook or by joining our email list.

For details on event sponsorship, please contact us at (415) 379-4762 or via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Your support will make a tremendous difference as we work to build access to safe births throughout Nepal.

We hope to see you there!

Every woman deserves a safe birth experience

Yet every year, more than a quarter million women die in pregnancy and childbirth. Not only that, but every year, 1.2 million infants are stillborn, one million die on their first day of life and nearly three million die before they reach one month old. Sadly, 99 percent of these deaths happen in low- and middle-income countries. These women give birth at home, often alone, and usually without medical care.

It does not have to be this way

One Heart World-Wide has developed an unique model to prevent the deaths of mothers and their infants in remote rural areas of the world. Simply put, we surround each mother and infants with a “Network of Safety” to ensure that they will survive pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of life. Support our work by clicking on this link to donate today!